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QA Testing Consulting

QA & Testing Consulting
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Quality Assurance & Quality Control Assessments Movaro provides in depth assessments using a variety of techniques of your current SQA (Software Quality Assurance) & QC (Quality Control) practices to identify opportunities for:

  • Cost reduction, Improving Quality Assurance effectiveness and efficiency and Improving team dynamics

The SQA Assessment is an investigative process designed to uncover gaps in your software development and quality control. This expert evaluation covers all major aspects of your software testing practice in comparison to industry best practices.

Our Software Quality Assurance assessment services are designed to:

  • Find and analyze all existing Quality Assurance issues.
  • Provide full details and recommendations on what can be improved.
  • Provide a high level roadmap to implement the recommendations.
  • Manage the required changes.
  • Evaluate the implemented SQA program to ensure its success.
  • Identify and implement ongoing improvements.
  • Provide formal documentation of the improvements and detailed reports.

MOVARO’s assessments provide guidance to improve your processes and the quality of your software.


What Your Business Needs

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When choosing your partner, there are many factors to consider and evaluate and here are a few reasons why you should consider us.

At Movaro, we breathe quality in everything we do. After all, Testing is a measure of quality. Our commitment to quality and total client satisfaction starts with the initial communication through to delivery and post implementation. Delivering quality is the responsibility of everyone involved and is built in into our DNA as an organization. We believe in continuous learning and improvement and take feedback irrespective of the source seriously to make incremental improvements. 

Our clients have benefited from our expert advice and expertise in delivering Software Testing & QA Services and Solutions. We have the experience, expertise, domain specific knowledge including the latest tools & technologies.

We make an effort with every single client to understand their business and be a partner rather than being a vendor. This investment in building a meaningful relationship has helped us overcome cultural, time zone, geographical differences and become part of our client’s team. Our no nonsense approach has won us many clients and take pride in being a part of our client’s success stories.

Low cost does not necessarily mean low quality. Since we are aiming at building quality and maintain quality in everything our clients develop, we consistently look at ways and means to save time and money while delivering optimum quality.

Whether you have an established test organization or a start-up, we can help
you save money by outsourcing or offshoring or a hybrid model. We’d happy to help and talk about our services and pricing options.

We are near you, conveniently located in Toronto, Canada Somerset, NJ or Hyderabad, India leveraging the dual advantages of cost and time difference through our partner network.

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